Friday, May 11, 2018

Week of May 14-18th

Thanks to all of you who attended our Fairy Tale Production of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The students had a great time practicing and performing. I tried to record and post some on ClassTag. 

I have been having some problems in class and need your help. Some students have been bringing in Pokemon cards and other trading cards. This is a huge distraction because they hide the cards in their desk and play with them for the entire day. I have taken a few stacks already. The cards will not be allowed for sharing either. Also, student have been coming in chewing gum. Not only are they coming in with the gum, they are chewing it throughout the day, even after I ask them to discard it in the trash. We have already talked about not bringing these things to school. Hopefully, you can make sure these items do not make it to school as well. Thanks for your assistance.

It is registration time for next year. You may update your information on Parent Portal and send in your proof of residency for next school year. You may Click Here to schedule an appointment with Mrs. Williams if you need assistance.

~Skills/Units of Study
Story: Pushing Up the Sky
Vocabulary: jabbing, agreed, randomly, signal, gathered
Reading: Problem and Solution
Language Arts:  r-Controlled syllables
Grammar: adverbs, capitalization
Math: Addition and subtraction strategies
Science: Animals
Social Studies:  Cultural Contributions

~Related Arts
Monday: Day-STEAM Lab
Tuesday: Day-Art
Wednesday: F Day-Music
Thursday: A Day-Computer
Friday: B Day-PE 

~Dates to Remember
May 15-17-State Testing (Grades 3-5)
May 19-Kalob's Birthday
May 22-23-State Testing (Grades 3-5)
May 28- NO SCHOOL (Memorial Day Observed)

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